About the Yarn

Whether you order one of our hand-painted yarns or kettle-dyed yarns - each skein of Gosh! Yarn is unique. No two skeins will ever be exactly the same, even when they are dyed at the same time, there will always be little variations in the skeins.

Our kettle dyed yarns that are dyed at the same time will be consistent in the colors that appear within the skeins however each skein will have its own unique characteristics in terms of shading and variations in where in the skein the colors are absorbed.

All four of these skeins of Emerald were dyed at the same time in the same dye pot - but you can see that they are each subtly different!

Most of our colorways are repeatable - however they will not be identical from one batch to the next - base colors may vary slightly and the distribution of the colors in each skein will be varied. Each skein is a beautiful individual!

This is also true of our hand painted yarns - skeins done at the same time will have identical colors, however the distribution of those colors might be slightly different.

If you are going to use more than one skein for your project, we recommend alternating skeins every other row to minimize visible differences in color distributions.

When choosing fiber bases for our yarns we work with almost all natural fibers - the only exception is that there is a small amount of nylon in some of the sock yarns - this increases the durability of socks made with the yarn.